AutoMTS is the skin care treatment with micro needles. In a short time, AutoMTS pen makes the holes and they will be a channel to skin layer from the epidermis to deep dermis layer. The holes deliver the efficient factors of serums and medicine and stimulate the skin layer directly to make the skin regenerate. It is non-surgical, non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions such as aging(wrinkle, stretching), scar(acne, surgical) and hyper pigmentation.


Basic purpose

  1. Delivery and penetrate with the effectiveness
    Microneedling makes lots of holes and they will deliver the medicine and serums into the skin layer. On the epidermis layer, the effectiveness cannot be absorbed into the skin. It means that there is no actual effect even you use the high-quality products for your skin. As you can see on below, the vitamin is absorbed 3times more, compared between microneedling treatment and non-procedure.Microneedling pen, microneedling machine
  2. Stimulate the skin layer
    Skin has the automatic system to repair by itself. When you get the hurt from outside factors, the skin is repaired even you don’t know. Microneedles make the holes and it stimulate the skin layer. In dermis layer, the factors as like collagen and elastine are regenerated with the needling procedure. This is the reason why AutoMTS called as ‘CIT’(Collagen Induction Treatment).


Treatment Area and Effects


There is no limitation in the treatment area. AutoMTS is available from the beauty to medical parts. From the basic skincare as like whitening, rejuvenating, wrinkle, moisturizing to skin scare, acne, anti hair-removal, stretch-mark and cellulite reducer.

Microneedling pen, microneedling machine


Benefits of AutoMTS


AutoMTS has strong benefits compared with other treatment; no-side effects, no-harm on the skin and no-post care.

Microneedling cannot make any harm and damage the skin layer. Also there is no side-effects after the skin treatment and you don’t need to make some repair-treatment after AutoMTS. It is very useful and simple way to skin care.

Old Type of Automts, MTS roller and MTS stamp, they are kind of unhygienic and make the pain during the treatment. AutoMTS use disposable tips with sterilized so it is safe to use. Also the speed of the products, they can make more 50,000holes in 1min. It cannot compare with old type of microneedling treatments.


Also AutoMTS can be used with PRP or scalp treatment and other skin care treatment equipment(Laser, Fraxel, RF, IPL) together to maximize their effects. We, Woorhimecha, has 3types of microneedling pen. 


Microneedling device NOBLE BELLA


Korean dermapen BELLA


Medical grade dermapen RAFFINE



Home-use Microneedling; ‘ALL IN ONE’ Microneedling “MINI PIN”


at home microneedling device MINIPIN


Launched the new generation of microneedling. From roller, stamp and AUTOMTS(what we developed), we make a new trend and new technology for microneedling at home.

It is “Auto” and “All in one”. It means that user don’t need to put the serum every time when they use the microneedling.


Serum and Needles are one set and our needles are moving automatically as like the “AUTOMTS”.


Called the brand “MINI PIN” and the home-aesthetic brand “AWY(Always With You)” helps to maximize the effective of micro needling. Cosmetic solution including the serums, hyaluronic and stemcell, cooling facial mask, AWY cosmetic brand will open the market for “home-aesthetic, home-beauty” and “K-beauty trend” in the world.


at home microneedling device MINIPIN