AWY Scalp care, Cytokines-8




Model: AWY Scalp care, Cytokines-8

Anti hair loss ampoule cytokines

Product Information



• 8 types Cytokines of growth factor
• Stimulate the follicle with growth factor called “CYTOKINE”
• 1 set for 8 weeks easy and systematic care
• Proved the effectiveness at world congress, science journal
• Maximize the effectiveness with power type





• Protein(Peptide chain) in cell-signaling which called Growth factor
• Manage the growth cycle of hair
• Stimulate the hair-growth and control the inducer of hair-loss

  1. KGF(Keratinocyto Growth Factor) : prevent a damage of hair-pore from UV and make a new-hair
  2. FGF9(Fibroblast Growth Factor9) : support to regenerate of follicular cell
  3. IGF-1(Insulin-like Growth Factor) : improve the cell-regenerating and control the hair-growth cycle
  4. VEGF(Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) : promote the growth of cell and stimulate the vessel to make the hair thicker
  5. Bfgf(basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) : stimulate collagen and elastine to make the hair, skin cell regenerated
  6. Noggin : control the inducer of hair-loss and promote the hair-growth
  7. SOD(Superoxide Dismutase) : promote the hair-growth by controlling the superoxide which brings hair-loss
  8. ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate) : major energy of cell and helps to reduce’DHT’ which brings hair-loss

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