Digital Micropigmentation makeup Device Premium



Product: Digital Micropigmentation make up Device, AutoMTS(Automatic Micro needling Therapy System)
Model: DMD-P

PMU Machine DMD-P

This product is medical grade; please check the “Precaution” and “How to use”.



Product Information



Digital Micropigmentation make up Device with hand-piece type. DMD-P is launched for beginner and professional who can control the speed well during the treatment. It has control box. User can control the power, on/off and speed and see through the OLED display. Also it has automatic on/off switch, so user don’t need to press the button every time. With two modes and 11steps is easy to control. DMD-P can use for AutoMTS together. It is target for diffusion products in the market.






• Various type of Disposable tips with round, flat, magnum and slop
• Fuse for protecting from over-current
• Hygienic and disposable and sterilized cartridge(EO gas) with safety use
• No pedal and on/off button type hand-piece
• Low pain, noiseless and less treatment time
• Dual function Permanent make up and AutoMTS
• Noiseless brush motor to lessen the pain, noise and vibration
• Comfortable for using and luxurious design






 PMU Machine DMD-P Components

A. Connect with pen


B. Display

to check the treatment status


C. Disposable Tips(Do not reuse)

Sterilized with EO gas and should be checked the status before use


D. Magnetic ending

to keep the tips with power of pen


E. Adjustable

upto 2.0mm(0.1mm steps)



How to use



• Manual mode: 6steps for each treatment speed and area
• User mode: total 11steps and available to change the speed


DMD-PMU Machine


Product / Model

Digital PMU(micro pigmentation make up), AutoMTS / DMD-H

Input / Output

AC100-250V / DC6V




1year after the purchase date


(Handpiece) 128.35Xø19.5mm  (Control box) 148.5X61X104.5mm



Inquiry / +82-31-457-5032

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