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Product: Auto micro needling at home use, MINI PIN

at home microneedling device MINI PIN



Product Information



New automative at-home microneedling device(DIY microneedling), MINI PIN is “All in one” equipment. In the tip cartridge of MINI PIN, there is space for cosmetics. If the user put cosmetics into the tip cartridge and use MINI PIN, the cosmetics flows out with the vertical movement of the needles. Because of this, users doesn’t need to keep applying cosmetics, which greatly enhances the user’s convenience.

In addition, since the device is an automation device, the user needs to don’t need to press, tap or rolling on the face.

The speed of needle is up to “3500 times” per minute. It means that the needle makes the micro channel into skin over 420,000 in just 10mins use.

It has an effective as like the automation pen of micro needling but very easy to control and use.

Benefits for skin care, moisturizing, wrinkle, whitening and acne scar. Also it can be used for stretch mark and scalp treatment.






• All In One(cosmetic and needle in a set) Micro needling
• Automation type at home use
• High speed makes the channel over 42,000 holes in 1mins
• Cell repair Process with micro needling
• Use the “sterilized disposable needle” for safety
• Multifunction from skin care to scalp treatment
• Patent technology and design






at home microneedling device MINI PIN Components



B. Tip Cartridge


C. Stand


D. USB Charging cable


*Tip Cartridge is special designed for MINI PIN.
It has 12 micro needles on one head and cosmetic solution can be used up to 3ml



How to use



• Please refer the youtube:

at home microneedling device





MINI PIN, the strong point with other micro needling products, is “automation”. We have a research for this absorbing late.
Comparison the absorbing rate of MINI PIN and without MINI PIN


  1. Research paper
    at home microneedling device MINIPIN Effectiveness
  2. Actual result on the pig-skin

    at home microneedling device With only hand tapping With only hand tapping

    Microneedling DIY, at home microneedling device With MINI PIN

Product / Model

AutoMTS(Micro needling Therapy System) / All in One, home use MINI PIN

Input / Output

Wireless and Battery(chargeable with USB port)

Tip Cartridge

EO Sterilization / 0.25mm, 0.5mm



Inquiry / +82-31-457-5032 or +82-10-5446-5032

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