Cosmetic Brand, “AWY”

AWY, Always With You is launched at 2019 and very new concept. It is following “K-BEAUTY”, as like the new ingredients, new production process and new trend of home aesthetic use.

World widely, the trend is following the “self-care” at home.

We also have the professional version of products, however, AWY is the most suitable for “personal care” at home. Be smarter and happy with AWY.

Daily nutrition care line with Hα30, S α30. They have the ingredients of hyaluronic acid and stem cell from plant(ginseng).

For micro needling treatments, user needs to use the trustful cosmetcs, which can be absorbed into skin and no-allergic reaction.

Cytokines-8 is with growth factor and use for “hair-growth” and “scalp treatment” for female and male. Re:face is for wrinkle, moisturizing, scar caring skin care. Celluven facial mask is for cooling sheet mask.



microneedling ampoules re:FACE


Anti hair loss ampoule

 Cellluven Facial Mask

Cooling face mask

 AWY Pigments

Permanent  makeup Pigments AWY