Digital PMU(permanent make up machine)

Digital Micropigmentation Device makes the hole and leave the pigments(ink) into the skin layer. Qualified product helps to absorb the pigments and ink between the epidermis and dermis layer. The pigments(color) will be stayed at least 6 to 36months. And the period is flexible following the skin condition of customers.


Benefits of Digital Micropigmentation make up

Different with ordinary type of tattoo, the color is not changed into gray, blue or red. Same color with first treatment and the color is fade out naturally.

Also original tattoo ink has metallic raw material because it should be remained forever. But the micro pigments include the human kindly materials it means that it is safe to human body.

After the disappearing the color, user can get other treatment following the fashion.


DMD(Digital Micropigmentation make up Device)

DMD, Woorhi Mechatronics developed the digital type of the device. It can control the speed, power and depth during the treatment. There is no harm and pain on the skin. Embodiary or analogue type of device, their technique is tearing the skin layer and put the color inside of the skin. However the device, DMD does not tear the skin and just make the holes to stay the color.


Special technology of DMD

DMD, the special technology is PID control. DMD have dual function of Micro needling and Permanent make up device. We make our unique program which is based on PID control. PID(Proportional integral derivative control) can adjust and stay the movement of motor. It is the ideally products for the permanent make up, because that if the motor cannot control by program, the speed and power of needles is uneven and then the color is not stable too. Your goal of the treatment is making the color well and client’s satisfaction.

PMU machine

Also we developed the different type of setting part of the needles, and it could be made the treatment without any problem as like pop-out or dragging on the skin.



Permanent makeup pen DMD-S


korean permanent makeup DMD-H



PMU machine DMD-P


Micropigmentation machine DMD-T


digital permanent makeup machine DMD-R