Vision & Phliosophy

For your Healthy and Beautiful Life!

We wish that you are satisfied with your life every morning
whenever you look yourself in the mirror.


We, Woorhi Mechatronics have the main philosophy and vision for our customers. You already have a experience in the morning. Everyday, you look and check yourself and you will get the best energy when you see your healthy and beautiful feeling. We will make that vision in the medical and aesthetic fields for your life!



With know-how and business experience, we will lead the medical-cosmetic industry.
Also we will maximize the client’s satisfaction about the health and beauty life by our technology and human recourse.



Core value


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Technology Development

 Microneedling pen, PMU Machine Service

Qualified Products and After-sales Service

 Microneedling pen, PMU Machine customers

Respectful mind for Customers

 Microneedling pen, PMU Machine Business Ethics

Business Ethics

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Contribution to Society