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Product Info

Disposable Tips

Woorhi Mechatronics Co., Ltd. offers various types of disposable tips for sophisticated procedures. Each disposable tips are specifically designed to maintain the same treatment effectiveness during the procedure. As a rule, the use of tips is based on single use.

  • Model: Disposable tips

Product features

  • Two-line screws and magnetic ends of the tips prevent the disposable tip from separating from the device during the procedure, and keep the speed constant
  • Use protective cap Prevent tips from shaking during the procedure, can be performed stably, and prevent pigmentation from splashing on the face during the procedure
  • Use protective membrane prevent backflow and contamination
  • Our own manufacturing facility Manufacturing and production in our manufacturing facilities
  • Strict quality control After the production team produces and inspects the tips, the quality control team conducts the second inspection
  • Packaging Blister Packaging (EO Gas Sterilization)

* OEM/ODM for disposable tips can meet the needs of the beauty/medical device market

How to use

Let me tell you how to use it easily!

  • Check the sterilized packaging status
  • Expiry date: 3 years after MFG
  • Combine the disposable tips with the Device tightly
  • After turn-off the device, disposable tips should be tightened or removed
  • Used tips should be discarded

Product Details

Tip for massage) stimulating blood vessel of skin and scalp

  • 1Round(27G) Hair line/Eyeline/Tiny scar/Acne
  • 3Round(31G) Eyeline/Eyebrow/Lip/Large area/Scar and Pigmentation/Shading
  • 4Flat(30G) Shading/Hair line/Eyeline/Lip shading/Eyebrow
  • 5Round(31G) Eyeline/Lip line/Shading/Eyebrow/Areola/Scar
  • 6 Flat(30ga) Large area/Hair line/Eye line/Lip shading/Eyebrow
  • 9 Magnum(30ga) Lip shading/Light color/Eyeline/Whole lip/Areola/Scar and Pigmentation
  • 9 MTS(33ga) Skin regeneration/Acne scar/Collagen/Cellulite care/Fine line improvement/Pigmentation/Scalp/Skin tone/Skin lifting/Stretchy skin/Pore care


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