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Product Info


DMD-T has triple function, and you can check the treatment information on the display for helping you to use it easily. * This product is for export only.

Product features


Use sterilized disposable tips

Various disposable tips can be used, implementing accurate needle length and rotational speed, and using EO gas sterilization products is safe.

* Disposable tips cannot be used alone and are used in combination with the device.


Safety device for overcurrent

Blocking overcurrent safely by blocking the current in case of overcurrent.


A stable grip

The ergonomic design provides a safe grip.


Reduction of pain/noise/operating temperature

Automatic ON/OFF functions that do not require pedals. Pain, noise, and operating temperature are reduced.

How to use

Let me tell you how to use it easily!

  • Manual mode It consists of six stages and can be performed according to the mode desired by the user
  • User mode It consists of 9 stages and can be adjusted in speed and fine-tuned during the procedure

Product configuration

✔ Display Graphics Interface

✔ On/Off button

✔ Needle length adjustment part (0.1 mm – 2.0 mm)

✔ Disposable needle connecting part (maximizes stability through magnetic ending treatment)

✔ Sterilized disposable needle (Do not reuse)

If you put the mouse cursor on the plus icon, you can check the details.

If you click on the plus icon, you can check the details.

  • Product / model name DMD-T(export-only products)
  • Manufacturer and country of manufacture Woorhi Mechatronics Co., Ltd. / Republic of Korea
  • Input AC100-250V / DC6V
  • Inquiry on product 031-457-5032


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