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Medical device for better absorption of serums & creams or medicines applied to the skin by stimulating the skin with injector or injector with pigments on the skin epidermis layer.

  • Product name: Micro needling Therapy System
  • Purpose of use: 1) Micro needling Therapy System 2) Drug absorption induction stimulator

* This product is a “medical device” and read and use the “use precautions” and “how to use” carefully.

Product features


Precise needle length adjustment possible

Adjustable in 0.1mm unit up to 0mm


Use of various disposable tips

Use a combination of 9 disposable tips


Safety device for overcurrent

Safe use by blocking the current in case of overcurrent by using a fuse


Use sterilized disposable tips

Safe and Sterilized products by EO gas

* Disposable tips cannot be used alone, thus, it should be used in combination with the device


Easy to use

Adjust the stage by turning on/off dial type

Product configuration

✔ Use disposable sterilizing tips

Do not reuse disposable tips and check the sterilization status and expiration date.

✔ Connect the needle and adjust the length

✔ Role of handle during treatment

✔ Adaptor connection

Dial type for easy speed control during procedure

If you put the mouse cursor on the plus icon, you can check the details.

If you click on the plus icon, you can check the details.

  • Product / model name Automatic Micro needling Therapy System / Raffine
  • Item license number 제인 12-1415
  • Approval from Korean advertising Review Committee Acquired
  • Manufacturer and country of manufacture Woorhi Mechatronics Co., Ltd. / Republic of Korea
  • Input 100-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 5VA
    Adapter output 5VDC, 2.0A
  • Inquiry on product 031-457-5032


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