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Hello, all family members!

We are sincerely grateful to all of you who have worked together and achieved a lot of growth and development throughout 2023, even in a rapidly changing world.

This year, Woorhi Mechatronics contributed to society and the community through various activities under the motto ‘Grow together, share together’ and worked to improve the welfare of employees.

We would like to take this opportunity to look back on the achievements that Woorhi has achieved in 2023.


First, through the history of volunteer work, we were able to further strengthen our connection with the local community .

Since May, we have conducted a total of 6 talent donation activities, once a month. Signed an agreement with ‘Gunpo City Maehwa Community Welfare Center’ We provided skin and hair loss beauty care to the local community to create a beautiful day once a month, which is a good day together.

We would like to thank our executives and employees for their interest and participation in volunteer activities.

We wish our society activities continues in next year.


Second, we wanted to have a positive impact on the society we live in through various social donation activities.

For a warm year-end, we are supporting ‘G Foundation’, a social activity group for women and children, and ‘Goodwill Store’, a good organization that provides social workplaces for people with disabilities.

We continued donating products. And on the winter solstice day, we continued our annual event of donating winter solstice red bean porridge to local organizations this year as well.


Lastly, we focused on improving the quality of life for all of us by continuously operating various welfare programs, especially activities such as coffee time, that can add small happiness to the daily lives of our employees.

Also, this year, we held two recreation sessions and group dinners to express our regret of not being able to be together during the COVID-19 period. We would like to thank all executives and employees who participated. It was a time to reflect on how wonderful changes Woorhi had made through each activity.


We hope that our efforts will have a positive impact on the community and bring great happiness to each of our employees.

In the future, Woorhi will continue to grow with society and strive for better welfare.

Your continued interest and participation will be of great help. We ask for your continued love and support in 2024.


Hope you have a great year with us! Thank you.